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International Business Areas Overview

 International Business Areas of HAGSIN Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
HAGSIN International Business Areas (hereinafter “HIBA”) established in the year 2012, a wholly owned work team of HAGSIN Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., with the original mission to assist our company to expand our equipment markets into international regions and create more higher paying jobs, and now also helps our cable spool business and fibre cable and wire cable machine spare parts business into international market.


the all HIBA employees are champions of operational excellence, assist in the careful review and evaluation of existing markets, analysis of requirements to determine how to best address the customer's requirement's, HIBA serves clients, builds cross-country business relationships in more than 40 countries, Our worldwide reputation has been built over many years on our ability to successfully meet customer requirements.


HIBA values & commitments


Consistently selling the highest quality products with efficient services available to our customers

Delivering the integrity, professionalism principle for business conduct

Building trust-based relationships with our customers

Supporting team spirit to our HIBA employees


Our values and commitments serve as a guide, inspiring the actions and decisions of HIBA employees.


HIBA strategy


Worldwide distribution

Quality and service

Pricing strategy and profit optimization

If you need any information, please be free to contact us at E-mail: business@hagsin.com

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